As I stated in my earlier posting, I intend to spend a great deal of time and effort over the next few weeks/months thanking the people and companies that I’ve been fortunate enough to work with over the years.  The first of these posts is to a collection of individuals and the company that they are part of that has played a very important role in my life.  So, without further ado, let the games begin.

Over the past fifteen years I’ve been fortunate to work with some great partners whether it is in terms of licensing IP, technology or on joint ventures.  Without taking anything away from any of them, I really have to give a special thanks to the men and women at Games Workshop.

From the day we first met many years ago, they have been nothing but open, honest and direct with me in terms of every aspect of our dealings.  We started off first as friendly competitors, transitioned to friends and then to true partners.  They trusted Mythic and I with one of their most prized possessions and we did everything we could to deliver on a private and personal promise I made them 4 years ago.  I hope that they are happy with the results and everything that Mythic and I have done for them up to now and I hope, and expect, that they will be happy with the work being done going forward even though I am no longer at Mythic.

I will never forget the kindness that they showed my family and I, when we all came for a visit a few years ago.  They were gracious, accommodating and treated us as long-lost cousins.  My son became a lifetime GW convert on that day and he stills talks about his visit to Nottingham in a manner that is a cross between adoration and hero worship.  For that kindness, as well as the trust they showed in me personally, they have my undying gratitude.

My brainstorming sessions/discussions with Allen (please forgive me for introducing you to my favorite vice, Cherry Twizzlers), Rick, Erik, Andy, etc. were one of the joys and highlights of my career.  You all were generous with the license, open to suggestions, forthcoming with your own thoughts/input and you participated heavily in the early coalescing of the ideas that became the game vision document (not a game design document as that is an Orc of different color) I wrote for Warhammer.  Whether it was in a conference room, Bugman’s Bar (I really felt at home there) or at dinner, I felt privileged to be treated as more than a licensee.  I enjoyed my times in England more than anywhere else I’ve been in the world so far and Nottingham will always occupy a special place in my and my family’s heart.  I’ve always felt at home in England and your efforts, kindness and generosity of spirit and deeds made me feel even more welcome.

So, a special thanks to them and to everyone that I met and that I was privileged enough to work with over this time.  I hope this will not be the last time we get together and to Tom, Mark, Andy, Rick, Allen, Erik, Robin, Hugo, Jo and everyone else that I was so fortunate to get to meet and to know over the years as well as to all the people that make GW what it was, is and will be, thank you so very much.

With my deepest respects and admiration,