The journey of a thousand miles begins beneath your feet


As we get closer to truly beginning our journey through the Worlds of Oz, here’s the first cover of what we hope are many covers that our games receive. Courtesy of Indie Game Magazine  and our terrific team of artists, I’m proud to present the first March On Oz cover. So, mucho thanks to Chris Priestman and the folks at IGM for giving our game and our studio some early coverage.

Artastic linkage here.

Look up into the sky! It’s a eagle, It’s a witch, It’s a Winged Monkey!

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They may not be supermen, super-monkeys or super anything but our winged monkeys are here to help keep you safe as you travel through the Worlds of Oz. Remember the three rules though. First, they can only be called on three times during a battle. Second, hey cannot pick up large creatures. And third, never, ever feed them after midnight. Well, make that two rules and a shameless reference to one of my favorite Spielberg films brought on by our discussions today about how to place our camera for the game’s dialogue (most of which I wrote and for that, I most humbly apologize in advance).

Aerial linkage here

It’s truly a winter wonderland in the March On Oz!

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Here’s another in-game screenshot from our upcoming game, March On Oz.  The setting for this chapter of the game is in a forest that RuggeDoh! the evil Nome King has covered with snow. Fortunately, some of the area’s inhabitants have found a way to keep nice and toasty. Check out the Walls of Fire are enjoying some quality time in the hot springs!

Spa linkage here!

More concept art

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Here’s some additional concept art for March On Oz. Next week we will start sharing some in-game footage (and not just screenshots).

Tasty linkage for herbivores here!

First in-game screenshot!

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Today’s share is a screenshot showing one of our “guides” from the game, Locasta the witch, walking down the road of yellow bricks. And other than things such as the URL, title, etc., this screenshot is completely free of Photoshop touchup (we even left the rendering errors in for keen eyes to spot). So, what you are seeing here is how the game will look when it is released for the iPad this summer. Enjoy!

Linkage here.

Pick of the day

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As the countdown to release continues, we’ve added a new feature to our website, Pick of the Day. Every weekday we will unveil another piece of March On Oz.  Sometimes the reveals will be concept art, in-game screenshots, video, etc. Today, stepping up to plate as our leadoff hitter is The Royal Gardner of Oz. And unlike most gardeners, he’s got a lot more than just a green thumb.

Check him out here.

The Great Book of Crunch opens…

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As we continue our March On Oz, we’ll be posting regular updates about the crunchy goodness of our studio. Some will be funny, some will be factual and some may be downright weird. Check out this new section on our CSE webpage for more information (Great Book of Crunch).