Yep, believe it or not, the blog is back.  Lots of explanations coming but the key things are:

1) We announced our relatively new studio today (we were actually formed on March 7th 2011).  The studio’s name is City State Entertainment and I’m going to have a blog piece explaining the name (and the long absence) within the next few days.

2) One of my favorite journalists wrote a really nice piece about us today.  Her name is Tracey John and besides being a fine writer, she’s also a total gamer.  Tasty linkage here.

3) Our website is live.  Check us out on Facebook as well here.

4) I’m as happy as I’ve been in quite a long time.  I’m surrounded by a great group of guys and gals and the co-founder even made me “meat cupcakes” for my birthday.  Nice…

So, this will be a short entry, more coming down the road.