We are now LIVE in Canada!

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Wow, what a great day it is for us. Apple is selling the iPhone 5 and our first game, March on Oz, has gone on sale in Canada! So now that we are officially “Live”, it’s time to say thank you!

First, one giant “thank you” to Apple for providing a platform that allows an independent developer like ourselves to make and distribute our games to a worldwide market. The first non-mainframe game I ever created was on an Apple II+ (which I still have) so it is more than a little bit fitting that CSE’s first game is on an iPad. To Steve Jobs, who believed in this generation of tablets when the vast majority of people and developers did not share that vision; well-played sir, your vision and drive will be sorely missed by all. Since its release, the iPad has been and will continue to be one of the most game-changing technologies ever created and we are having so much fun working on it. To Brian, our Senior Advisor in Apple Developer Support, thanks for your sage advice and counsel, you totally rock! Finally, to the App Review Team, thanks so much for your feedback and responsiveness, we are all so excited to see our game launch in Canada!

Second, thanks to all the guys and gals at CSE. You worked your tails off to get this game shipped and I hope you are as proud of yourselves as I am of you! To the “special someones” of our team, special thanks for you patiently put up with the long hours and occasional weekend work.

Last but certainly not least, to Andrew Meggs. You left a great company in Bethesda Game Studios to co-found the studio with me.  It wasn’t an easy decision for you and I’m forever grateful that you took that chance last year.

Therefore, to our Canadian neighbors, the March On Oz begins with you!


Screenshots, screenshots, screenshots!


Well, we are almost there. The bug queue is down to minor issues, the final artwork is being placed and the final touches are being placed on the levels. So, it’s time to start showing off a bit more of our game. So, here’s some in-game screenshots including the first screenshot that shows an ongoing battle between some Ozians and Nomes. Enjoy!

Here’s a look at our main menu including an adventurer created by one of our programmers.

For a look at a meeting between Cayke, Locasta, Goldy (the Golden Thread trap) and an avatar check this out!

It’s not all yellow bricks, cake and waterfalls in our game, it’s a battle between the Ozians and the Nomes like this one.

And here’s another shot showing Goldy in action along with a nice explosion from a Pumpkin Bomb.

P.S. I also played an Android phone-based build of the game this weekend. We’ll have to make some changes to MoO to tailor it for the phones but hey, it’s a start. Hopefully we’ll be able to release this game on iOS/Android phones around the same time we do the PC/Mac builds.

With powers and abilities far beyond those of mortal men & women!

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Here’s a 360° look at some of our ‘all natural’ units from March On Ozincluding the Nay Palm Tree, Clock Tree, Gun Tree and Sticky Bun Tree. And since even trees can’t spring forth from  the Worlds of Oz™  fully formed, we have also found some photos from their Yearling Books and included them as well. Enjoy!

Green linkage here

More concept art

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Here’s some additional concept art for March On Oz. Next week we will start sharing some in-game footage (and not just screenshots).

Tasty linkage for herbivores here!

The Great Book of Crunch opens…

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As we continue our March On Oz, we’ll be posting regular updates about the crunchy goodness of our studio. Some will be funny, some will be factual and some may be downright weird. Check out this new section on our CSE webpage for more information (Great Book of Crunch).

The March On Oz™ Begins!



Finally, after 3 long years of both forced and self-imposed silence, I can begin talking about my studio’s first game, March On Oz ™.  City State Entertainment was formed in March of 2011 and early last summer we began working on the first of what we hope will be a series of games based on the Worlds of Oz ™ the aforementioned March on Oz.  For a new and mostly young team (I really throw the curve off, sorry kids), this game represents a major undertaking. We weren’t content with doing “JAICG” (Just Another iOs Clone Game) but set out to accomplish two rather significant goals. The first was to begin a re-imagining of L. Frank Baum’s Oz and create enough unique IP that, as I and the team at Mythic did with Camelot and DAoC, create enough non-cannon IP that we can protect it while at the same time making it more relevant to today’s audience. The second goal is to create a game that we can be proud of upon its release and that is worthy of the talent and effort than is going into the game. While I know that we can accomplished the first goal, I won’t know if that is true until after the game is released and you, the players, tell us what you think. No matter what happens though, I am proud of the effort that the entire CSE team has made on this game and I expect even better results from us as we mature as a studio.

March is also the first in a planned series of what we are calling Road Defense ™ RTS-style games. These games are, at their core, RTS-style but they also include elements of RPG-style gaming as well as other types of games. March On Oz doesn’t represent the end of the road for CSE’s journey through the Worlds of Oz rather it is just the beginning and as we all know, every journey begins with a single step and today we took our first public step on what we all hope will be a long and fascinating road. I hope that we will have a long journey together walking down this and other roads together.



The secret is almost out!


Our website says it all (for now).

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