The Great Book of Crunch opens…

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As we continue our March On Oz, we’ll be posting regular updates about the crunchy goodness of our studio. Some will be funny, some will be factual and some may be downright weird. Check out this new section on our CSE webpage for more information (Great Book of Crunch).

He’s an energetic fellow isn’t he?


One of our more adorable and lively characters from our game.

Love is in the air!

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With Valentine’s Day rapidly approaching, and March only a few weeks away, we thought it fitting to show a softer side of these little guys (and gals).  So, here are Yuki and a few of her admirers. They need to be careful around her though, her sweet demeanor hides a very chilling personality.  Next week’s posts will also feature the first released shots of one of the game’s other major protagonists.

It’s teaser time again

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Another teaser from our game.  This time, two of our guys for the price of one!  Lots more to come…