Let’s go for a stroll – Part Two

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This is the second and final part of a scenic walk-through from our upcoming game, March On Oz.  As you can see in the video, we have weather conditions that affect the both the background scenery and foreground battle areas. The cold and snow-covered landscape getting you down? Check out the Pele’s relaxing and enjoying themselves in their own private hot springs at around the 0:35 mark. While there are a lot of flat, two-dimensional “cards” that we use for some of the scenery, the world itself is three-dimensional as you can see from all the stuff that is going on in that area. I wonder how we could use that kind of space in the future…

We’re walking now

Let’s go for a stroll…

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This is the first of a two-part scenic walk-through of some of upcoming game. This is one of the many things that differentiates March On Oz from most, if not all of games of this type. And the best part of the engine that drives this game, besides its versatility, is how easily we could swap out the MoO IP and landscape for something different, very different. Whether it is fantasy, sci-fi or even modern-day settings, we designed this engine both for future expansion and easy customization.

Come walk with us here

Friday’s Two for One Deal

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For today’s fun, here’s a look at two very different levels from our soon to be released game, March On Oz™ .  The first level is one in which the player cannot use any projectile weapons and must find a way to stop the incoming Bomber Nomes by causing them to blow each other up.  The second level shows both some of our ground effects (in this case snow and ice) and a rather unique Nome, Gordie How? who is always looking to put the biscuit in the basket!  So, when RuggeDoh was looking for someone with a wicked slapper to play some shinny, GH was his #1 pick.

So, avoid a five minute major and a trip to the sin bin by clicking here.

March On Oz – mini-Gameplay!

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For today’s cheaply produced but lovingly crafted video from our studio in beautiful downtown Fairfax, we present a small sample of gameplay from some of our mini-games.  So, we are proud to present Gotta Eat Them All!, The Nome Invasion and Where Monkeys Dare.  For launch we also have Pumpkin Power, Nay Palm Training Day and Nome Herding.  After launch we will be adding  additional mini-games free to our players but for everyone else, they will be one meellion dollars!


March On Oz: First Gameplay Video

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Here’s our first released gameplay video. It’s not a true trailer since we don’t have any non-game footage, expensive special effects, expensive VO  or other trailer-like things that took many weeks (or months) to produce and that distract (or cover up), a lack of true in-game footage. Instead, what you will see is a 100% pure gameplay from our upcoming game, March On Oz™.   Enjoy!

Live Nude Gameplay here!

And no, there are not any nude, naked or otherwise scantily clad beings in this video. We don’t need to rely on that stuff to help promote our game. 🙂

A bit slow in posting this…

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Blame it on me having to be the biz-dev guy for the last 48 hours. We posted a FRAPS yesterday evening of our adventurer creator in action and today we’ll have another FRAPS today that will show some more in-game fun stuff like an actual battle for a change. 🙂 So, it’s a daily double today!

Here’s the link to the YouTube trailer.

Screenshots, screenshots, screenshots!


Well, we are almost there. The bug queue is down to minor issues, the final artwork is being placed and the final touches are being placed on the levels. So, it’s time to start showing off a bit more of our game. So, here’s some in-game screenshots including the first screenshot that shows an ongoing battle between some Ozians and Nomes. Enjoy!

Here’s a look at our main menu including an adventurer created by one of our programmers.

For a look at a meeting between Cayke, Locasta, Goldy (the Golden Thread trap) and an avatar check this out!

It’s not all yellow bricks, cake and waterfalls in our game, it’s a battle between the Ozians and the Nomes like this one.

And here’s another shot showing Goldy in action along with a nice explosion from a Pumpkin Bomb.

P.S. I also played an Android phone-based build of the game this weekend. We’ll have to make some changes to MoO to tailor it for the phones but hey, it’s a start. Hopefully we’ll be able to release this game on iOS/Android phones around the same time we do the PC/Mac builds.

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