Well, we are almost there. The bug queue is down to minor issues, the final artwork is being placed and the final touches are being placed on the levels. So, it’s time to start showing off a bit more of our game. So, here’s some in-game screenshots including the first screenshot that shows an ongoing battle between some Ozians and Nomes. Enjoy!

Here’s a look at our main menu including an adventurer created by one of our programmers.

For a look at a meeting between Cayke, Locasta, Goldy (the Golden Thread trap) and an avatar check this out!

It’s not all yellow bricks, cake and waterfalls in our game, it’s a battle between the Ozians and the Nomes like this one.

And here’s another shot showing Goldy in action along with a nice explosion from a Pumpkin Bomb.

P.S. I also played an Android phone-based build of the game this weekend. We’ll have to make some changes to MoO to tailor it for the phones but hey, it’s a start. Hopefully we’ll be able to release this game on iOS/Android phones around the same time we do the PC/Mac builds.