Well, since the rez spell seems to be holding so far for my blog, it’s time to bring back another early feature of it, The Wayback Machine.  While some of the thank you notes I have written could qualify as TWM posts, I’ll try to make these posts shorter (yeah, like I’m so good at short posts, I’ve never mastered that skill) and more focused.  For today’s entry, I present one of the reasons Mythic ended up doing a deal with GOA and why I have been rightly accused of being rather blunt on occasion.

It was E3 2001 and we were trying to land a European publisher for DAoC.  One of our meetings was with the representatives of a large, multinational corporation (whose global wingspan is only topped by a few other companies) who were interested in talking to us about publishing/distributing DAoC in Europe.  As the meeting concluded, one of the VPs there, a French gentleman, turned to me and said something along the lines of (insert bad French accent for effect if you wish, his was legit) “I do not understand why you think Europeans would be interested in playing a game based on Camelot?”  To which I replied snarkily “You do know that Camelot is a European legend right?”  Jaw dropped, deal dead and how do you say “Check please!” in French?

Soon afterwards we signed a deal with French Telecom (GOA) who did understand why people across the pond would love to play a game based on Camelot.

I hope to bring back another feature for this blog soon, Fan Mail from Some Flounder which also was gratefully borrowed from one of the greatest TV creations of all times, Rocky and Bullwinkle (and all its component parts and characters, different show names, etc.).  At the time I stopped blogging I was also working on another column entitled “Watch me pull a rabbit out of my hat!”  As you can tell, I loved that show.