So, when last I left this blog I had just started on a whole bunch of shout-outs, thank yous and you guys rock! posts.  It was my intention to begin blogging again and thank all the people and companies that contributed to both my personal success and the success of Mythic as well.  Unfortunately, I went on vacation and during my trip I received some news/information that quite literally rocked my world.  That information and other information I have received over the past year changed some things in both my life and world view.  I then decided, rightly or wrongly, to spend the last year with both my mouth shut and my feet firmly planted in Virginia and I did exactly that.  In truth, I believe it was the right decision because, quite frankly, I needed a vacation.  Prior to my departure, I believe I led the league in not taking vacations/time off (this is not necessarily a good thing).  I lived in the office and when I wasn’t there, I was usually online talking, reading forums, doing info dives, etc.    So, having a loooooong vacation forced on me was quite a new concept.  You see, I have spent every year since I graduated law school (yes, yes, it was so long ago that when we took notes on tablets, they were stone tablets) working my still-too-ample butt off and sitting around the house was not something I was accustomed to doing.  However, as someone a lot smarter than me once wrote, “So it goes” and it does indeed.