It’s been a really, really long day at Mythic so I’m not sure I’ll get to the latest blog entry I wanted to do tonight especially with all the comments that have popped here in the last 24 hours. Just as an FYI, because of their sheer number, I won’t be acknowledging them all especially the kudos but I do read them. I do thank you for all the kind words about WAR, Mythic, DAoC, etc.

So, let’s get to my first official ongoing column entitled “Fan mail from some flounder?” FYI, One guy commented that it was hard to separate my replies from the original text so I’m going try bolding out my replies. Let me know if you folks like this idea or not?

Robert says “Speaking of which, I would hope you appear in some more future podcasts besides the crafting one, its one of the best ones.” Thanks but I’m not sure what the gaming community needs is a bunch of podcasts from a 40+, heavyset (I’m being kind), New Yawker talking about the next great game but we’ll see.

Stewie-Y says “I’m sorry, I don’t know exactly who Curt Schilling is” Curt is a rather talented pitcher for the Red Sox who will be remembered with guys like Willis Reed (a New York Knicks legend) for rising to the occasion when his team need him the most.

Matthew says “Oh and about that Idaho Ocenfront… would you rent?” Sorry, I’m saving that property for somebody really special and renting it could lower its value. I’ve had three offers today but the one from a P.Pan is the most intriguing. He’s offering to swap some land he has for mine but he says the neighbors can be noisy and he has a bit of a reptile problem.

Khalid J says “This is Khalid from Kuwait, I’ve just wanted you to know that I really enjoyed the game” Hey thanks! Hopefully we’ll do some business down there in your neck of the woods. Lots of interesting things happening down there. We all need to work things out so that when people are talking about war, it’s the fantasy WAR and not the real thing.

Ullric says “Garthilk was so onto this blog, it’s almost as if MJ said something beforehand….” No, I didn’t tell him, he found this site before I was ready to show anybody. Spooky.

Dragonmonk says “One thing i am concerned about is you said 6 months… is that your ideal target?? personally i look at a game to play as a 1-2 year investment.” I hope your designing War to be a long term investment not just for you but for the MMO community also. Ah, I said six months to be kind and not to set too high of a bar. My ideal target would be to surpass DAoC’s average retention time which was about 18 months I believe. It will be tougher to do today but we’ll see.

Mandrake says “This is the first time in 11 years of mmo history that a MMO has a server on australian Soil. If nothing else you will get 50k+ subcribers just for that 1 fact. at long last a MMO company has put faith in australia and trust you me WE WILL SHOW YOU IT WAS WORTH IT!!!!” I’m not the least bit concerned; I have no doubt that you will. I look forward to visiting at some point, I have a good friend who lives there and would love to stop in and say hi, plus I’m dying to check out Australia and New Zealand.

Rickymm3 says “This seriously sounds like a cry for help” Nah, a cry for help would sound more like “HELP ME SPOCK!” or “HELP ME OBI-WAN KENOBI YOU ARE MY ONLY HOPE”

Yil says “I have a question, as I didn’t even think how much international travel you must do, what’s the craziest WAR related thing that’s happened to you overseas?” Being escorted down the aisle for my press conference in Taiwan by guys in armor. Totally cool!

Gonzo says “You should really rethink the “modesty over honesty” about your own game.” Nah, I prefer modesty most of the them so when I think I really have something to really crow about, that they know I’m serious.

Dondums says “Thirdly, can I have a mental high five?” Done. Can I have my horse back with its head still attached to its body?

Holo says “Hi, I was wondering what you think of Mortal Online, the mmo is supposed to be launched next year by Star Vault.” Sorry, I don’t know anything about it other than the name. I’ll check it out though.

Festus says “Did have one question though. How is Jane? Is she still an ignorant slut? I think a few of us were dying because of the hilarity there.” That was my one of my favorite posts of all time. Working that quote into the patch notes was a lot of fun. I was surprised at how few people caught it though. I’ll probably re-post here. If nothing else, I don’t think any other game developer has ever worked that phrase into their patch notes in the history of the game industry. 🙂

Foofmonger says “Mark, do you think the technology will ever get to the point in which “real time combat” (for lack of a better term) will ever be present and done well in an MMO?” Well, depends if you mean real real-time combat or fake real-time combat? If you mean real real-time combat, I doubt it. Even FRTC is a real challenge to do well due to all sorts of technical and design issues.

Butler says “I’d call bullshit on your LOTRO figures – I think it has done a lot better than you’d care to admit.” Do you know those guys? I love Penn & Teller. Man, if you can hook us up that would be great! Seriously though, I would love to be wrong on this but one of the immutable rules for MMORPG developers is that if your game is successful, you tell the ENTIRE WORLD about it again and again and again. If LoTRO had 500K paid monthly subscriptions at the present time (or any time, age or Appendix), why haven’t they announced it? As far as me caring to admit things, I would love to see them have 500K, AoC to have 1M and WoW to have 100M as that would expand the market and give the next game or two I want to do an even wider audience.

Houstoncollector says “Why exactly does WAR not have official forums? Is it the same reason that Tabula Rasa pretty much said, that it’s not worth the expense to host forums and hire people to moderate them compared to relatively high noise to signal ratio?” Well, we didn’t have official forums for DAoC and I’ve seen all the OFs for just about every MMORPG so I prefer to think of it as a sanity preservation tool and a way to actually build a better community. I’ll explain this in another blog post, I’m sure much mocking will ensue.

Irieguin says “Could you comment on the mixed up codes some retailers have stuck us with. Some have wrong codes, some have no codes, etc… It gives us worry.” Worry? Man, it gives me heartburn. We have given all North American retailers not only all the copies that they needed but in some cases, we’ve given them lots of extra copies. As to why the retailers are saying that they are out of codes, it’s for a variety of reasons but none of them are because EA or Mythic didn’t supply them with more than enough for everybody.

And so endeth this wall of text.