Noodles and goblins and bugs, oh my!


Folks,  It’s lunch time and it’s going to be another crazy day.  So, while I’m eating my noodles, I thought it would be a good time to do a quick post and answer/respond to some of the questions/comments I’ve been getting.  So, hee we go:

1) From “”, Sorry, I need my head where it is right now.  Placing it in the position you suggest would require many years of highly specialized yoga training and would still probably result in neck surgery.  But thanks for the suggestion!

2) Gunnaur says “Where is the pie? =)”. Hey, good to see you here. I had some delicious blueberry pie last night, didn’t save any for you, I hope you can forgive me.

3) Dei says “On the topic of nerfs … please promise us to not hire again amateurs off the forums (*cough* Mackey *cough*) and put them (and then leave them) in charge of balance”. Mythic succeeds as a company and we fail as a company. I would no more blame Mackey for all the problems of DAoC than I would anybody else. OTOH, feel free to blame me, it’s what the cool kids are doing. 🙂 In truth though, we have come a long way since DAoC with our metrics tools, surveys and forum work. If we had everything in place for DAoC that we have in WAR, ToA would never have happened.

4) AoCFan says “Leave AoC alone!” Well, not really but I thought I’d make a quick point on the whole “Mark Jacobs thinks AoC is a failure, Funcom sucks and Conan is a sissy” stuff. I like the guys I met and hung out with from Funcom, I wanted to see AoC succeed and I don’t think that AoC is a failure yet. The CCP guys (Lots of love to them) took a game that launched really badly in the US and have turned it into one of the greatest success stories in MMO history. The Funcom guys similarly took a bad launch with AO and turned that game around. An MMO isn’t a failure till it’s shut down and/or the developers stop working on it. AoC sold a ton of copies in North America and Europe and now it is up to them to retain and/or bring back a lot of their subs. It is the interest and support of the players that determines whether a game is successful or not not somebody like me. For DAoC, the players determined that ToA was not a great expansion and it wasn’t at launch but we’ve worked hard to make it better. That’s my point for AoC and any other MMORPG that launches from today to infinity and beyond!

5) Gadareth says “The way I am seeing the current gaming market will be more and more specialist MMOs coming out each one designed to appeal to a particular aspect of the MMo market as opposed to trying to grasp ALL of them.”  Preaching to the choir brother.  I said the same thing during one of my acquisition discussions with EA to one of their executives (who has since left the building) and let’s just say his reaction was less than enthusiastic (how do you say “Jacobs is a dumb ass” in polite company?) and so those negotiations ended rather quickly.  I’m in total agreement with that sentiment, even today.

6) Camoking says “SOO is Imperator coming out?!?!”  Time will tell.  It’s not in development right now but in my spare time I like to think about how I could rework it to be a better game.  I haven’t given up on it yet.

7) CubanChaos says “Actually I wanted to ask when and where will we see something other than word of mouth marketing and the occasional viral site?”  Soon.  Viral was the best way to go in the short-term and if WAR succeeds, well…

8) Alby says “I hope the best for Warhammer Online, I know I’ll be in line on launch day. I do have a quick question though: Any plans for Mac support?” Nothing to announce yet but the computer in the bag next to my desk isn’t a PC.

9) Jay says “Btw is there an Asian server or similar coming?”  Right now the only deal we have announced is with GigaMedia in Taiwan.  However, I’ve been to a number of other Asian countries so it’s safe to say that we are looking at all sorts of possibilities.  I see you are from Thailand, I hope things work out there.  Stay safe.

10) Steve H says “If I have one plea it would be to keep the pressure on GOA. The Euro community already are beginning to feel like 2nd class customers. Please make sure that you make them stick to the standard you set and I’m sure we will be delighted.” I know GOA is trying really, really hard to do just that.  It’s not easy trying to coordinate a simultaneous trans-Atlantic launch of a new MMORPG especially when GOA has soooo many countries, launguages and cultural differences to deal with.   And the fact that things can change very rapidly here makes it even more challenging.

11) Haarani says “Man i loved your southpark reference” Thanks.  I loved that show, watched it all the time.  Thought the movie was brilliant.  Any time those guys want to do a WAR vs. WoW show I’d be all over that. 🙂

12) Rafar says “Honestly I think the biggest problem facing this industry right now is building potential customers expectations way to high by saying their game will have everything and then not being able to deliver, they promise the world and deliver a boulder or maybe a mountain in either case it doesn’t live up to what we were expecting.” I couldn’t agree more.  It’s why you’ll never see me promising that WAR will do everything you want it to do.  I’ve also always said that we/I/Mythic will piss players off at times because we both won’t promise you the moon and the stars but also because we will do what we think is best for the game in both the short-term and the long-term.  I’d rather have people say about WAR that it was a better game than they expected than the exact opposite.

13) Taea says “It is wonderful to see an MMOG company take responsibility for their game, as you have here.”  Always.  I have no problem admitting when we make a mistake, I wish all MMO developers would do the same, it would be good for the industry.

14) Dave r says “Then specifically in #7 above you challenge the reader to count the mmos with more than 200k subscribers since 1997.”  Yeap, that was my point.  I can only talk about NA and Europe because those are the markets I know the best and the one that WAR and most other NA/European developed games are aimed at.  Plus, the biz model is so different in Asia that comparing sub numbers from here to sub numbers from there is just wrong.

15) Eblitz says “Mark, nice blog post. Sometime I’d like to hear your impressions of EVE Online’s role within the MMO space.”  Major shoutout to them for their amazing turnaround work with EVE.  One of the best success stories in the industry.

16) Emperor Guan Di says “One question about something you said: Will Mythic publish their sub numbers?” That’s up to EA.  Because we are a publicly traded company I can’t go around talking about the financials as I used to do when we were independent.  However, I’ve already had lots of discussions with them on the subject and I think everything is going to be just fine.

17) Ashendarei says ” My biggest problem with DAoC was the apparent lack of communication with the playerbase.” LOL.  Well, that depends on who you talk to.  For every person who thinks we didn’t talk to the playbase enough I can proly show you 2 or 3 times that number who think we talked and listened to them too much.  With our Team Lead programs, forum posting, server boards and feedback systems we did a lot of listening and talking.  I don’t think that there is another AAA MMORPG who spends as much time interacting with the community as does Mythic.

18) Gyshall says “awesome, was hoping you’d start a blog, mark.” See, I do listen to the players!!! 🙂

Okay, lunch is over and it’s time to get back to work.  Thanks for reading and I’ll be back later tonight to answer some more questions and maybe tell a bedtime story called “The Three Little MMOs” but who knows, only time will tell. 🙂

Thanks for the interest and taking the time to read this blog.


P.S. If I missed your question or seemingly ignored your comments, I never promised that I’d read and comment on everything and I’m not doing so now.

P.S.S.  BTW, some guys have taken my comments in last night’s good night post, especially regarding the nerfing comments, just a wee bit too seriously. Those points were totally, totally tongue-in-check.  C’mon all, I know I’m not the world’s greatest writer but I thought those points couldn’t have been dripping with more sarcasm if I tried and I even had a disclaimer at the bottom of the post.

Shoutout to Schilling


Okay, so I didn’t go to bed when I said I would, a bad habit of mine.  SInce I apparently feel like blogging some more tonight, I thought I’d send a shoutout to Curt Schilling and his blog (  Curt said some nice things about our cinematic trailer so I thought I’d say thank you to him.

So, thanks Curt!  I look forward to seeing a great trailer from you folks at 38Studios as well.


Tonight, tonight, won’t be just any night


So, my first night of blogging comes to an end. What did I learn from this experience?

1) I’m so going to nerf the ability to comment. I mean, come on, who gave people a right to comment on what I said?

2) My next blog will be “Trials of a Games Developer”. I plan on giving out lots of new commenting powers to people but only after 4M posts.

3) My third blog will talk about our next game, it’s based on a Sci-fi world where Greece is the dominant power and their arch-enemies are genetically engineered race of martial arts wielding Dodos and someone named Harvey.

And if anybody believes any of the above, I’m still willing to sell that oceanfront property I own in Idaho.

Good night ladies, gentlemen and all other possible permutations.


P.S. And thanks for all the comments, views, interest, etc. It’s going to be a fun ride. Oh, and even though I’m saying goodnight I still may show back up here, I have a tendency to do that.